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Digital Pigment Printing AOP


The Latest and the most promising advancement on the Digital cloth printing is the PIGMENT Inks, Universally pigment possess no hazard to the environment. The Pigment inks in the recent years had attained a greatest height in terms of colors, richness, soft hand feel, and excellent runnability in the Digital printing machines. All Dyes and auxiliary are Organic Certified.

Macrofast is a digital cloth printing business that specializes in creating unique and vibrant prints on fabric. Our technique combines the oldest way of decoration in a fabric, known as block printing, with the latest way of fabric decoration, digital cloth printing. Our process is precise and results in beautiful, durable prints that can last for years.

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality prints while delivering top-notch customer service. If you’re looking for a reliable cloth printing business, look no further than Macrofast.

PIGMENT = FAST, Yes instant sampling and production is highly possible with the Digital Pigment printing. As fast as your instant cup of coffee, Once you have a good artwork, in no-time, your samples are ready. 
We have got 3 High speed Pigment digital printing machines with a production capacity of about 3000 Kilograms in a single day. Which is as good as the speed of the regular rotary printing. The fastest pigment Digital printing machine in India.
The Pigment printing with Digital needs the following procedures.  cloth printing, cloth printing

1. Pre-treatment
2. Printing and Continuous Curing ( One Process )
Just print and cure, your fabric is ready for cutting as brilliant as your reactive colors, with good hand-feel.

The Machine Specification as follow 

1. No of Print head      : 24
2. No of colors             : 6 ( CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK, RED & GREEN )
                                       These 6 Primary colors can make about 15 million color reproduction in a accurate output.
3. Max printing width  : 1800 MM 
4. Max repeat size       : Unlimited - Yes. You can make a unlimited repeats here
5.  Production              : The Colors output are brilliant, and the Outcome of the results never changes like the                                                    reactive here. The Output of the first meter of the fabric to the 1000 meter would be the                                                same. The sharpness is really really impeccable here, The best sharpest outcome. Since                                              No washing is required here, the fabric remains as new as its has been processed before                                            this stage. 
6. Certifications           : GOTS - Organic Certified 

Digital pigment printing
Working Video of the machine,
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