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Hybrid digital pigment printing


Introducing Macrofast, the premier provider of hybrid digital printing services! Our special printing process combines the best of both digital and screen printing, and can provide additional value and texture such as high density, foil, glitter, flock, puff, shimmer, and emulsion effects. We offer excellent value for both small and large brands, and our eco-friendly printing processes ensures no waste water. Come experience the Macrofast difference today.
The Digital Printing revolution started in about year 2005, The revolution started with a crazy design freedom to the designer. Soon as the years progressed, it had becomes something more like a screen printing, Nothing new can be done here, just print with many colors. The market started to slow down a bit in late 2013 to 2015. All Dyes and auxiliary are Organic Certified 
The New key invention came in the year 2015, The New HYBRID DIGITAL PRINTING came in the limelight. 
This particular invention has changed the way we look as the printing industry. Breaking all the borders here with ease. 
 The best of the digital printing combined with the best of Screen printing, WOW is the word it comes out of every one mouth. Yes. The WOW factor is here. You combine the screen print techniques such as 
1. High Density
2. Foil
3. Glitter
4. Puff
5. Discharge
6. Non-PVC
7. Water base Pigments

All these prints combined with Digital gives the awesome output. You can check the gallery below for in-detail. 
The Machine Specification as follow 

1. No of Print head      : 12
2. No of Screen head  : 6
3. No of colors             : 6 ( CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK, RED, GREEN )
                                       These 6 Primary colors can make about 12 million color reproduction in a accurate output.
3. Max Print area         : 50 x 80 cms 
                                        Due to the Platen size, the max print area is restricted to the above size.
4.  Production              : The Colors output are brilliant, The CMYK inks gives the most consistent results, Less then                                            2% variations on the final product. Combining with the Screens techniques give the greats                                            advantage on the printout, differentiating from the other brands. Endless creative                                                            application on the output is the key to success here. 
5. Certifications           : GOTS - Organic Certified 

Hybrid digital printing Macrofast
Working Video of the machine,
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Print Gallery for HYBRID DIGITAL Printing

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