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Organic Swaddles

Digital Printing in Tirupur

Macrofast is the premier provider of Organic Fabric Digital Printing services, offering green technology with no waste water, quicker delivery, no minimum quantity, and small run productions that support growing brands. Their dedicated work force, inhouse designers, great working place, well experienced and safe factory, the best printing service and good colour fastness make Macrofast the go-to choice for those looking to build brands sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way.


With the increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, digital textile printing has become a game changer in the textile industry. This technology offers numerous benefits such as quicker production, no fabric wastage, and easy reproduction. What's more exciting is that it supports organic practices by using GOTS approved pigment and reactive inks, making it an excellent green technology option for small and large brands alike. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the world of organic digital textile printing to help you understand its advantages, challenges, future trends, and why it should be your next business move!


Digital textile printing is a process that involves using digital technology to print designs on fabrics. Unlike traditional methods, which involve long and complex procedures, digital textile printing allows for quicker production and easier customization of products.

The process starts with creating a design using computer software or scanning an existing one. The file is then transferred to the printer, which uses GOTS approved pigment or reactive inks to transfer the image onto fabric. This technology enables brands to print any design they desire without limitations on color, size, or minimum order quantities.

Another significant advantage of digital textile printing is its eco-friendliness compared to traditional methods like screen-printing. It produces less waste water and no pollution while using less power and space required for production.

Digital textile printing offers endless possibilities for designers and brands looking into sustainability practices in their businesses while providing customers with unique products tailored specifically for them.


Digital printing is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional screen printing methods. One of the major benefits of digital textile printing is that it offers quicker production times, making it ideal for small brands looking to quickly launch new products.

Additionally, digital printing eliminates fabric wastage as only the necessary amount of fabric is printed on, reducing costs for both large and small brands. There are also no size limitations on how big or small prints can be created, allowing designers to fully express their creativity without any restrictions.

Another benefit of using this green technology is that it uses pigment inks or reactive inks which have less impact on the environment compared to traditional dyes used in screen printing. The use of these eco-friendly materials greatly reduces water waste and pollution while minimizing power usage during production.

Moreover, digital printing allows easy reproduction with faster turnaround time without compromising quality. This results in less inventory being held since designs can be easily reprinted when needed rather than stockpiling pre-printed fabrics.

There are numerous advantages associated with organic digital textile printing technology such as its ability to scale up businesses while offering a larger product portfolio. By utilizing this innovative method, companies can meet sustainability goals while improving efficiency and productivity at the same time.

min quantity, and small run productions that support growing brands. 

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